Summer Camp

Quite possibly our most anticipated event of the year is our SUMMER CAMP! Students ages 6-18 cannot WAIT to register for our one-week day camp which is typically held the last week of June from 9:00am-3:00pm. The actual dates for our 2022 summer camp are TBD, so be sure to check back in the Spring or sign up for our mailing list! 


Team Games & Competitions

Interview actual characters during our live action game of Clue, battle it out in a game of Nerf, complete puzzles in our escape games, or just hang out with your friends in a game of good, old-fashioned dodgeball! There is no room for boredom at our summer camp! 

End of Week Showcase

All week our students rehearse for the free parent showcase which is typically held Thursday night at 7pm.


Water Day Wednesday

What is summer camp without water games? Whether the students are sliding down a huge water slide, soaking each other with water balloons, or dumping buckets of water over each other's heads, campers LOVE our Water Day Wednesday games!

Morning Huddle

Each morning during our group huddle we'll discuss various character building themes we find in the Bible, such as caring for others who are different than you, which we find in parables like the Good Samaritan. Our staff is committed to modeling what we teach and encouraging students to live these out during and outside of camp.