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Auditions are only open to those who participated in trimester 1 and/or trimester 2 of the 2022-2023 theater arts academy. Please register here for trimester 3, and then take note of the audition information below:

Audition Requirements

Singing auditions will be February 6 for Galloway and February 8 for Ocean View.

Reading auditions will be February 13 for Galloway and February 15 for Ocean View.

List of Characters

Please click the button below to see the character breakdown, and choose 1-2 roles you might be interested in reading for.

Reading Audition

After reading through the list of characters above, please choose 1-2 roles you would be interested in reading for on audition day. Please note that you are not guaranteed the role you are reading for, and not every student is guaranteed a speaking role. You might be asked to read for other roles as well.

Singing Audition

By clicking the button below, you will find "audition cut" versions of seven songs from the show. These are abbreviated versions of the songs designed specifically for auditions. There are mp3 demos with guide vocals, mp3 tracks with accompaniment only, and a pdf document with lyrics. Note that some files are specified "male" or "female."

Everyone who auditions is encouraged to prepare at least two of these songs:

Boys auditioning for Jeremy Potts and girls auditioning for Jemima Potts MUST sing “Truly Scrumptious.”


  • Boys auditioning for Caractacus Potts MUST sing “Toot Sweets” AND “Hushabye Mountain.”

  • Girls auditioning for Truly Scrumptious MUST sing “Toot Sweets” AND “Truly Scrumptious.”

  • Boys auditioning for Grandpa MUST sing “Them Three.”

  • Boys auditioning for Baron MUST sing “Chu Chi Face.”

  • Girls auditioning for Baroness MUST sing “Chu Chi Face” OR “The Bombie Samba.” 

  • Boys and girls auditioning for Chitty, Morris Dancers, or any other Ensemble role MUST sing EITHER “Teamwork” OR “Hushabye Mountain.” They MAY also select any of the other audition cut songs to perform in addition to their required number.

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